Rest & Relax Strips ⭐ 30 per pack - Play For Life Inc.
Rest & Relax Strips ⭐ 30 per pack - Play For Life Inc.

Rest & Relax Strips ⭐ 30 per pack

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Experience The All-Natural Power Of Our Soothing Dissolvable Strips. Farewell Restless Nights. Hello Revitalized Mornings & Calm Days!!
  • Better Sleep with the natural blend of Melatonin, Valerian root extract, and chamomile extract
  • Reduce Stress and experience calm with Lavender and Chamomile extract.
  • Natural and Non-Habit Forming alternative to sleep aids.
  • No Hard to Swallow Tablets because our strips simply melt on your tongue!
  • Fast Acting & highly absorbent thanks to our game changing Strips (more sciency details below!)
Rest & Relax Strips ⭐ 30 per pack

Rest & Relax Strips ⭐ 30 per pack

Regular price $34.95
Sale price $34.95 Regular price
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Game Changing Strips
Ingredients & Use
Science & Research
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Life's Secret Weapon!

Calm in your day and a restful night's sleep are often considered life’s secret weapons. However, with the relentless hustle and bustle of modern life, the reality of getting either of these is often a distant dream!! 

Our all-natural Rest & Relax strips can help you on your journey for exactly what their name says…. Rest & Relaxation. 

When you combine the melt-in-your-mouth convenience & fast-acting, high-absorbing science of our unique strips (see “Fast Acting Strips), with our natural blend including Chamomile, Melatonin, & Valerian Root (see “The Ingredients), something wonderful happens. Calm enters your world!

Here are some of the benefits of our Rest & Relax Strips:

Improved Sleep Onset: Melatonin, valerian root extract, and chamomile extract can work in harmony and may help you fall asleep more easily, reducing the time it takes to enter restful slumber

Enhanced Sleep Quality: It’s possible to enjoy deeper and more restorative sleep with the aid of these strips. Improved sleep quality can mean waking up feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Stress Reduction: Lavender extract and chamomile extract may contribute to stress reduction, lowering anxiety levels and fostering a sense of calm during the day which is also conducive to peaceful sleep.

Reduced Insomnia Symptoms: For those struggling with insomnia, these strips may offer relief by promoting relaxation and reducing the restlessness that often accompanies sleep disorders.

Non-Habit Forming: Unlike some sleep medications, these strips are generally non-habit forming, offering a natural alternative to those concerned about dependency.

No Grogginess: Wake up feeling refreshed and alert, without the grogginess or impairment often associated with sleep medications.

Direct Application: Simply place a strip on your tongue and allow it to dissolve. The strips are designed for rapid absorption, ensuring quick access to their sleep-enhancing effects.

Travel Companion: These strips are the perfect travel companion, possibly helping you to combat jet lag and ensure restful sleep while away from home.

Gluten-freeVegetarianLactose-free Allergen-free Hormone-free
 No fillers Non-GMO Corn-free Vegan friendly Sugar-free
Game Changing Strips

Meet Your Nutritional Game-Changer... Fast Acting Strips!!

Melt-in-your-mouth strips that are super convenient, tasty and more effective than anything you’ve had before!! 
Benefits of Play For Life Strips

Why So Amazing??  ... The secret behind the science is a process called ‘microencapsulation’ that encloses the ingredients in natural microscopic coating to provide huge benefits, such as:

✔️ Melt On Your Tongue - No choking on capsules or blending messy powders!

✔️ Easy To Carry - Gone is the bulky rattling of capsules in a tub!

✔️ More Effective - Can be over 5 times more absorbent than pills, powders or gummies! 

✔️ Faster Acting - The fastest acting delivery that doesn't require a medical professional!! 

✔️Tasty Without Sugar - All natural with no sugar spike!

How To Use

1. Place a strip on your tongue

2. Wait for it to dissolve

3. Enjoy the taste & experience!

Ingredients & Use

Active Ingredients

The efficacy of these strips lies in the combination of our game-changing strips (see “Game Changing Strips”) and the fast-acting, harmonious blend of our calm-enhancing natural ingredients:

Melatonin: As the body's natural sleep regulator, melatonin ensures that the sleep-wake cycle operates smoothly. Supplemental melatonin helps reset the internal clock, making it a valuable aid in overcoming jet lag or insomnia

Valerian Root Extract: Valerian root contains compounds that interact with receptors in the brain and nervous system, promoting relaxation and sleep. Its gentle sedative effect makes it a popular choice for those seeking a natural sleep remedy.

Lavender Extract: The soothing scent of lavender is known to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of calm conducive to falling asleep more easily.

Chamomile Extract: Chamomile's potential to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality has been recognized for centuries. The extract helps relax muscles and calm the mind, setting the stage for restful slumber.

Hibiscus Extract: Hibiscus, often enjoyed as a flavorful tea, contributes to the overall calming effect of these strips. Its potential to lower blood pressure and anxiety complements the other ingredients.

How To Use

1. Place a strip on your tongue

2. Wait for it to dissolve

3. Enjoy the taste & experience!

Nutritional Information

R&R Strips Ingredients

Science & Research
Research On The Individual Ingredients:


  • Sleep Improvement: A study titled "The effectiveness of melatonin for promoting healthy sleep: a rapid evidence assessment of the literature" found melatonin to be effective in improving sleep quality and regulating sleep patterns. Source: Nutrition Journal, 2014
  • Reducing Sleep Onset Latency: Another study, "Meta-Analysis: Melatonin for the Treatment of Primary Sleep Disorders," showed melatonin's benefits in reducing the time it takes to fall asleep. Source: PLOS ONE, 2013

Valerian Root

  • Anxiety Reduction: "Valerian root in treating sleep problems and associated disorders—A systematic review and meta-analysis" reports on Valerian root's anxiolytic effects. Source: Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine, 2020
  • Improving Sleep Quality: The study "Effectiveness of Valerian on insomnia: a meta-analysis of randomized placebo-controlled trials" suggests that Valerian root may improve sleep quality. Source: Sleep Medicine, 2010


  • Stress Reduction: "An olfactory stimulus modifies nighttime sleep in young men and women" demonstrates how lavender use leads to increased time spent in deep or slow-wave sleep, which is considered restorative. Source: Chronobiology International, 2005
  • Anxiety Reduction: "Lavender oil preparation (Silexan) for treating anxiety: an updated meta-analysis" highlights the anxiolytic effect of lavender. Source: Phytomedicine, 2020


  • Sleep Enhancement: "Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) may provide antidepressant activity in anxious, depressed humans: an exploratory study" indicates that chamomile may aid in sleep quality for individuals with anxiety and depression. Source: Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, 2012
  • Reducing Generalized Anxiety: "Long-term Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) treatment for generalized anxiety disorder: A randomized clinical trial" looks at chamomile's efficacy in treating generalized anxiety disorder. Source: Phytomedicine, 2016


  • Blood Pressure Reduction and Relaxation: "Hibiscus sabdariffa L. in the treatment of hypertension and hyperlipidemia: a comprehensive review of animal and human studies" suggests that hibiscus tea consumption can lower blood pressure, which is associated with relaxation. Source: Fitoterapia, 2013
  • Anti-Anxiety and Antioxidant Properties: "Anxiolytic and antioxidant effects of Hibiscus sabdariffa extract in an anxiety model of rats" presents evidence that Hibiscus extract has potential anxiolytic and antioxidant effects. Source: Pharmacognosy Research, 2017

Strips / Microencapsulation Research:

Nanotechnology: A novel tool to enhance the bioavailability of micronutrients

Bioavailability of Different Vitamin D Oral Supplements in Laboratory Animal Model - “Most importantly, microcapsules improve the absorption and bioavailability of nutrients up to five times in comparison to their free counterparts”


1. What are Play For Life Rest and Relax Strips?

Our dissolvable tongue strips are thin, flexible strips that quickly dissolve on your tongue when they come into contact with saliva. Rest and Relax Strips are designed and formulated with melatonin, valerian root, lavender, chamomile and hibiscus extracts, for relaxation and better sleep quality.

2. How can Rest and Relax Strips help with sleep?

Rest and Relax Strips contain melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle, as well as valerian root, lavender, chamomile and hibiscus extracts.  Placing a melatonin-infused strip on your tongue allows for faster absorption, making it an effective solution for improving sleep quality and addressing insomnia.

3. How do I use Rest and Relax Strips for better sleep?

Simply place a Rest and Relax Strip on your tongue and let it dissolve before bedtime. It's a hassle-free and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of melatonin without the need for water or traditional supplements.

4. Can I use Rest and Relax Strips in combination with other sleep aids or energy supplements?

It's always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before combining different supplements or medications. They can provide guidance on the most appropriate and safe approach to address your specific needs.

5. Are Play For Life Strips suitable for people with dietary restrictions or allergies?

Play For Life Strips can be a suitable option for individuals with dietary restrictions, such as vegetarians or vegans, as they contain ingredients that are easy to incorporate into various diets. However, it's essential to check our product's ingredients to ensure it aligns with your dietary needs and allergies.

6. Are Play For Life Strips suitable for children under 18

Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplements.