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The STEAD School

Play For Life is excited to be supporting students, faculty and staff in their pursuit of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle - and their ability to play for life! Founded by acclaimed community builder, Oakwood Homes (a Berkshire Hathaway Company) and championed by Oakwood's own Kelly Lead, the Reunion STEAD school is a school like no other. STEAD is designed to lead and prepare young adults to engage and solve our global food, health, energy and environmental issues through hands-on learning. Principal Kevin Denton, has assembled a hand-selected group of professionals encompassing Nextgen agriculture all the way to sports to empower our Reunion high-schoolers to reach new levels.

Play for Life is honored and proud to be partnering with such a like-minded organization. Together we look forward to a lifetime of achievements within the school and our community.


Play for Life and their leadership have been a key partner in getting our athletic program up and running in a post-pandemic school year. Providing financial start-up resources necessary for our student-athletes, and partnering for both the physical and social-emotional health, P4L is helping us define our core values as a school.  We look forward to a long, ongoing partnership for our communities' young people--literally leading them to "play for life."

Kevin Denton - Founding Principal of STEAD School



Linda Thompson