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Do we use Gelatin in our gummies?
Indeed we do not. Where possible, we like to use plant based ingredients so that everyone can enjoy it. Vegetarians, carnivores, flexitarians, pescatarians, lacto-ovo vegetarians and fruitarians!
What’s the difference between Pectin and Gelatin?
While both are used to give gummies their gummy-like gumminess, Gelatin is an animal derived protein and Pectin is a fiber derived from fruit. We prefer Pectin!
Are your products a meal replacement?
No. While there is a lot of nutritional benefit, they should be considered a nutritional supplement to support a varied and balanced diet. 
Are Barley and Wheat Grass really gluten free?
Indeed they are! Our grasses are harvested before the grass sprouts and produces seeds meaning the gluten creation process hasn’t started yet!
What type of collagen are your products made with?
Type I and Type III. Check out the ingredients section on the Keto Collagen page for more details. 
Are your products organic?
Some. If you check out the ingredients on each product page you can see which ingredients are organic.  
Why can’t I just eat lots of greens instead of Power Greens?
You absolutely should! If you manage to eat a huge volume of nutrient dense greens every day then that’s exactly what we recommend. If, on the other hand, your plates are full of green, then a tasty shake could be just the thing for you! 
Are these all the answer you have?
Not even close! Check out each product page for some more answers.
Can we really Play For Life?
If that’s what you really want, then 100% yes!!!! Exercise and nutrition are vital parts of that journey but possibly the biggest part comes from our mind. If you decide that you want to keep playing with the enthusiasm of a child, then you’re halfway there. 

Think of what play means for you now and what it could mean for you in 20 or 50 years time. Then just make the decision to keep doing that! Sounds simple, right? That's because it is! And we’ll be with you on the journey!
What makes P4L better than the rest?
Oops, you weren’t supposed to hear that! ;) There are some awesome brands out there that we use daily. However, when we tried to find high quality products that focused on our age category and activity levels, it wasn’t easy. Now we want to make it easy!
Do I need to create an account to order?
Nope. Creating an account makes it easier for you ordering next time and also keeps us in touch for news and special offers. You can still checkout as a guest though so no need for an account. 
Can you return your order?
Of course. The usual terms apply - you can check them out in our Returns & Refunds Policy.

How can I contact you?
Easy, click red buttion above these questions to get to our contact form!
How long does shipping take?
That depends on where you are located but normally between 2 and 5 days. We ship the same day if ordered early and you’ll be notified at every stage. However, transport times have been affected nationwide lately so please allow a little extra time on the off-chance it’s delayed in transit. 
I love P4L. Can I promote you and earn some money?
Glad you asked! Yes. You. Can. Check out our P4L Warriors page but hitting the big red 'Join the Family' button below these questions.

Where are you based?
We're 3 founders across the globe. Nick lives in the US, Niall in Ireland & Jamie in England.
Are you all really family guys?
We're all fathers and totally family guys. Between us we've got 7 children.

Nick has a young son, Niall has a daughter and son whilst Jamie went all out and has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.
Our passions align! Are you hiring?
We're always looking to expand our team working with passionate individuals around the globe. If you think your ethos and passion aligns with ours, please contact us at
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