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Our Origin & Founders

Play For Life started with three fathers from different sides of the globe who love to be active and had a common question:  My Body is changing. How Can I Play For Life?


Successful entrepreneur who can’t think straight unless he’s been moving or playing! His sporting loves include cycling, basketball, hiking and snowboarding but his happiest times are spent in his cabin in the Colorado Rockies rolling on the floor and playing with his son. Now that he’s a husband and first time dad in his 40’s, there’s been a passion ignited to make sure he’s playing fit for a long time to come!!


Ex-Irish International basketball and obsessed with the cutting edge of health, Niall has helped to create & grow multiple health food brands. Now in his 40’s, he has a young family so his friendship with the other founders was the perfect moment to be part of something special to align with his goal of living (and playing) to 120 years young!!


Our hero dad of 4, still in his 20’s, and can’t wait to have more kids!!! With multiple businesses and all the stresses that life can bring, Jamie had a recent health scare that woke something up inside him. Now working out like a lion, Jamie is on a mission to make sure he’s playing with his kids (and their kids!) for at least 8 or 9 more decades!

The Future of P4L

If you’re like us, dreams of doing and having “it all” have been softened as life delivers its abundance of commitments, pressures & challenges. Yet, when we sit to think about what “it all’ means, themes like love, happiness & joyfulness, are the main ones to emerge.

As we look around, the most obvious times this can be witnessed is during play. In whatever playful activity you enjoy. At any age.

So that got us thinking.

What if we could help people, of all ages, make small changes that move our sails just a little (or a lot!), back towards our playful selves. Can we encourage fanning our flames of play, to nurture that strong and joyful person inside?

From that, Play For Life was born.

What started as a small question between friends, has grown into a passion that we want to be part of ourselves.

There’s so much to come. For now though, let’s start Playing for Life!

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